My Sister, Grace: The Most Expectable Person In My Life

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A numerous amount of people have shaped me into the person I am today. I am grateful for those who have had a positive impact on my life, and so many other’s lives. While reflecting over my past, I have realized that my life has definitely not been simple or easy. God’s challenges have strengthened certain relationships in my life that I wouldn’t have expected. Three years ago my life changed forever. I wholeheartedly believe that I wouldn’t appreciate the enjoyable times without the unpleasant times, and my journey with my sister has taught me that. My sister, Grace, is the most remarkable person in my life because she changed my life for the better. Life ceasing to exit always seemed distant from my life. I never fully understood the consequences …show more content…
Losing consciousness is not a pleasant experience and I can’t express how scared I have been the past two weeks. It is still a mystery of what my diagnosis could be, but I know, that no matter what happens, my sister will be there for me every step of the way. Grace has been so helpful for me whenever possible and I can always count on her to help me whenever I need someone. She has been such a light in my life and has encouraged me to put my school work first even though I am still struggling with my symptoms. She has made me into a better student and person. My sister has changed my life for the better. I may get sick of her and fight sometimes, but we still love each other. Graces positive impact of my life has helped me learn to cherish every waking moment with my loved ones, and to keep being the best version of myself. Maintaining my relationship with my sister has become one of my top priorities because I know I can always count on her. During the worst times in our lives, Grace and I have helped build each other back up. I have had many bad experiences, but I know with my sister by my side I can conquer

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