My Short Term Of Career Goals Essay

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Career Leadership Aspiration
My short-term aspiration is to become a Business Analyst/ Data Consultant/ Senior Business Analyst in a data driven company. I’ve always dreamt of working as a Data Analyst/Data Scientist in an organization that is involved in big data analytics for example Amazon. In the past few years, Amazon has moved away from a pure e-commerce player to a giant online player who offers much more than just products. It focuses massively on big data and is changing from an online retailer into a big data company. My long-term career goal is to become an entrepreneur, own a fancy restaurant and use its revenue to fund a nonprofit organization that uses predictive analytics to provide the necessities to the people of India, especially in the rural villages, to bring about a change in not only the e-commerce industry but also improvements in other sectors such as Healthcare, Humanity, and Sciences.
I’ve had the opportunity to work as a Test Engineer in Infosys Ltd in a team comprising of 8 members. Though I didn’t have any firsthand experience on leadership roles, I utilized every other chance to take responsibility and share knowledge on my subject of expertise i.e. Mainframes to the senior most people including project managers and client associates. I chose to switch my career to Business Analytics. To accomplish that, I’m currently pursuing master’s in the same field.
My short-term goal would be to mentor the team, the newly hired, a professional that’s…

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