My Short Term Goals Essay

901 Words Oct 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
My short term goal is to receive my Bachelors degree in Business Marketing. My long term goal is to go to law school to obtain my JD, or to go to business school and obtain my MBA. I also look forward to becoming a investor and opening my own small business so my parents can retire. My parents are the driving force in my goals and educational aspirations. Coming from a low income family has taught me to work hard and to be tenacious. I want to not only make them happy, but to ensure I have a better future, that is the reason why they came to America has suceeded. So by staying focused in school and being a attentive student I hope to obtain my degrees and hopefully someday in the future I can give back to my community in a larger way. If my future entails, I would love to open a school in a third word country and help educate students. Having the ability to have a free education is a issue that strikes dearly to my heart because numerous family members of mine, including my close cousins, have had to drop out of school due to school expenses (back in Vietnam). Consequently, I believe my life long goal would be to open a school in a poor country to help the youth, that are key to our future.
I continuously ponder how I could help better the lives of others, and I have come to the realization that by empowering the young minds of tomorrow, they are the key to every community across America and the world. I would love the opportunity to donate, or open a foundation, or even a…

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