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We all were kids once upon a time before we got to the age we are now. I don’t know if everybody grew up with something that they grew attached to , but I know for sure I did. I knew that the very first time I got my hands on this very special object that it was all me . I also knew this possession would mean a lot to and it would help me become the cheerful person I am today. When I was given this gift , I slept with it , play dance around the house with , and just carried it around with me just so someone could notice what I was. This special thing I’m talking about is my cheerleading pom poms . I must tell you about our little history, so listen up !

Well , I was told as soon as I was delivered and washed from my mother 's’ wound , they
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Everywhere you seen me , you’d see those big frilly balls. In the day I would usually dance with them and have my own concert . Rocking and swaying my firm arms in the air from left to right , kicking my legs straight to where they met my narrow face. I would have my pom poms puffy from swinging them in the air in different directions. And by night I would sleep on them and have them mashed and matted from laying on them through the night.They were more than just any regular pom poms , they were something I can depend on to change my mood. It wasn’t just the pom poms that made me a better person. Cheering is what brought me out to be the confident, strong-minded , committed young lady that I am . But everybody knows that if there is a cheerleader , there is pom …show more content…
They bring back so much great memories that it 's so much to talk about . But none can never replace the time I competed in my first competition. I always wanted to do a special contribute to my grandma with my pom poms , so I decided to do a solo at competition with them. It was just like yesterday, when I heard my name called for me to come to the center of the stadium . I could hear the millions of echoes coming from every voice. It made me nervous to see thousands of eyes glued on me , so I tried to block everything out and imagine my grandma in the stands smiling. But before the music started, I closed my eyes and bowed my head to say a quick prayer . I took a deep breath and released everything that worried me. Next thing I knew I was dancing swiftly and smoothly with my legs kicking gracefully in the air as if I was a ballerina. My pom poms glistening in the bright spotlight that shined on me as If were a star. I felt so relieved from everything and free as If I was born to do this. My performanced last for about 3 minutes , and when it finally came to an end I felt so honored that I did

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