My, Shake It Off By Taylor Swift Essay

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If my life was a television show or a movie, the theme song I would chose would be “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. I chose this song because I feel like it best describes my attitude towards life and situations. The first impression I would want the audience to make about me would be that I have a happy spirit and I try to always stay positive and not let things bother me. I want people to see that although bad things can happen, it’s your attitude that gets you through and makes it better. I always say, the better the attitude, the better the situation. I chose “Shake It Off’ because it is an upbeat song and I think people would view me as being upbeat and bubbly through everything. I believe that if you have a bubbly personality, it makes going through situations easier. For me, my social status is to be a great student and athlete. While being these things, it was important for me to not get upset over the petty situations that would happen. Another status is being a daughter and my parents have always taught me to literally “shake it off” if I was upset about something that didn’t really matter in the big picture. While being in high school, there was of course drama between girls and it was even worse when you also did a sport outside of school. There were several times where girls on my own team would talk bad about me and then be friends to my face at practice. In the song, it says “fakers gonna fake, fake, fake.” This could not be more true about my high school…

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