My Service Learning With The Michigan Veteran 's Foundation Essays

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I chose to complete my service learning with the Michigan Veteran’s Foundation in Detroit, Michigan. After my group arrived at the Detroit Veterans Center, we performed vital checks on the Veterans at the community center. Some of the vitals that we performed include blood pressure, pulse, and weight. We prepared and handed out hygiene kits which shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other basic necessities. We served lunch to the individuals before touring the new facility site. As I volunteered at the center, I felt very fortunate to have the education and lifestyle I have been blessed with. Many of the veterans we interacted with were homeless and did not have much. They relied on the center to provide them with housing, food, and the resources to simply survive. Meanwhile, I have been blessed to have shelter, food, and a support system that allows me not to have to worry about my survival in the way that these individuals might. This taught me a lesson to count my blessings. It allowed my to develop a new perspective and taught me the importance of not taking the little things in life for granted. I also felt a sense of responsibility as I volunteered. I felt that it was my responsibility as a citizen of Detroit to give back to those in the community. I learned the importance not just looking out for ourselves, but also to reach out to see what we can do for the people around us. The course concepts I came across during my service learning experience included…

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