My Service Learning Practicum : A Catholic Public School Essay

1461 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
For my service-learning practicum, I have been placed in a Catholic Public school named St. Charles in Thorold, Ontario. Since I am in the primary/junior program of Concurrent Education, I have been placed in a grade one classroom which I am very pleased with. One thing I have noticed about the grade one classroom is how organized it is. The first thing you notice when walking into the classroom is how the teacher uses the walls to enhance classroom lessons. Alphabets, numbers, seasons, countries, and spelling cover the walls throughout the classroom. These decorations not only make the classroom more appealing to the eye, but it is also gives students an opportunity to absorb information in a different way. One other aspect of the classroom-setting that I have noticed is how there are four groups of desks that are all facing each other. It is clear that the teacher of this classroom encourages group work amongst the students instead of the traditional lecture style found in most classrooms. It is also evident how the teacher strategically placed the students in certain spots with certain classmates who work the best together. For example, she has the students with exceptionalities at the same table in order for the EA to assist them, but she also includes students who are very independent to sit at the same table in order for the children with exceptionalities to feel included. This is beneficial because the students who are more independent will not need assistance from…

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