My Service Learning At Raising Expectations Essay

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INTRODUCTION Throughout my service learning experience, I quickly learned that “[both] home and school are the most important institutions which prepare children to become functional member of society”(Galej, 1982). I was given the ability to observe individuals journey through education. I had the pleasure of completing my service learning hours at Raising Expectations (RE). RE is located on the Westside of Atlanta. Right behind the Wal-Mart located on M.L.K. Jr. Dr. NW. RE is an after school program that provides youth development in communities that include: Decatur, East Lake, Pittsburgh, Vine City, English Avenue, Washington Park and the Westside of Atlanta. RE typically begins their relationship with their students as middle school students and continues that relationship throughout their matriculation through middle and high school. RE was created in order to provide youth living in Atlanta’s most economically and socially challenged communities, their mission is to build strong academic skill, leadership skills, and self confidence by educating and motivating youth in challenging circumstances. My overall role within RE was to mentor 4 to 5 African American students in grades 2nd and 3rd. Ages consisting of 4 to 5 year olds. I had basic duties such as: following academic tutorial lessons and plans, assisting in the creation and implementation of diverse learning tactics to teach the children and to communicate effectively and respectfully with youth. I believe I…

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