My Senior Years Of College Essay

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It was my one of my senior years of college and I was signed up for a creative writing class. It was a small class with about twelve students. Our professor was an old man who had written a couple short stories published in several anthologies. The class was like any other writing class; we would read some short stories then write our own. There was a young man in the class that would always write these dark stories about how what is was like to have something inside of you that was completely different from how the world saw them. As the winter grew closer and the leaves begin to turn, that young man’s jackets became bigger and thicker. None of us in the class paid much attention to it. It was getting cold outside, why would we notice. Then one day, that young man appeared in class with long flowing hair, foundation and lipstick; and if I’m remembering correctly he even had on a little eyeshadow. He was fierce. Then she removed her jacket to reveal what she had been hiding for months under layers of winter wear. It was November. The professor walked in to class a little late after the big reveal had happened. He took one look at our classmate and said, “What is this? Halloween was last month.” “Much of what we stereotypically consider to be “natural” male or female behavior – driven by biology— might turn out, upon more careful inspection, to be imposed by cultural expectations of how men and women should behave” (Guest p.271). Sex is biological, gender is cultural. For…

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