My Senior Year Of Highschool Essay

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My junior year of highschool, I failed to grow grass three times. My environmental science teacher informed us that we would be growing grass in our own terrariums. I had tried growing plants at home multiple times with no success, and thus, informed my teacher that I might struggle with this assignment. He assured me that I was doing well in the class and that he had never had a student fail the assignment. However, as the week went on and my peers began to watch their grass emerge, my terrarium was bare. I ended up planting new seeds, but again, no grass. Instead a thick layer of mold covered the terrarium. My peers, whose grass was now so tall they were cutting it with scissors, laughed at my attempts. My teacher, completely dumbfounded at this point, told me that if I wanted to stop, he would not dock any points from my project and assume the seeds were not viable. Still dedicated to growing the grass, I tried a third time. I stayed after school and worked to carefully make a new terrarium and plant seeds. I anxiously checked on them every day, and then one day a little green stem poked out of the terrarium dirt. That one green stem proved to all of my doubtful classmates that even though I struggled with the project I persevered. Because I worked so hard and put in greater effort, I was able to learn more and appreciate the lesson.
As a young girl, my dad repeatedly instilled in me the values of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. These values were key…

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