My Senior Year I Made From An Art Teacher Essay

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In my senior year I made many decisions, some I instantly regretted, others I’ve come around to. But I also made choice that I could never regret or wished I could turn back on. In my senior year I signed up for AP Art Studio.
I first learned about the class from an art teacher, I had taken a few classes to fill my schedule and art had always been a hobby I enjoyed. I talked about the class with a friend I had known since freshman year, she had taken the class in her junior year and insisted that I sign up for it. I admit, I had a bit of a crush on her so she didn’t have to twist my arm to make me want to join the class.
On the first day I was simultaneously in love and terrified. I had never been in a class so small, there was six other students, and I knew all of them. Our teacher laid out his expectations on the first day. We had to complete three “sections”. Twelve pieces for a breadth, a wide show of skill, using an array of subjects and mediums. Twelve pieces for a concentration, an in-depth exploration of a particular theme, and the quality, a group of five pieces which can overlap with the concentration and breadth (the breadth and concentration cannot overlap). Our teacher specified that we should be spending around ten hours a week outside of the class working on projects.
Within the first week my image of a harsh class with cruel judgements of each other’s work had been wiped away. Our teacher was a relatively famous local watercolor artist, was in the middle of…

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