My Senior Year At Scranton Prep Essay

836 Words Oct 12th, 2015 4 Pages
Coming into my senior year at Scranton Prep, I knew that I wanted to major in the medical field. I was so convinced that I wanted to major I physical therapy, but I changed my intended major to Pre-PA. When I was applying to colleges, I did not have my “reacher” school. I just applied to college and universities where I thought that I had a legitimate shot of being accepted to. Nonetheless, I did not want to apply to Marywood. The statistic of Marywood being “the most depressed school in the nation” really frightened me and I did not want to be a part of a dreary environment for the next four years. About the midway point in my senior year, I was persuaded my mother and my coworker to apply to Marwood. When I received that acceptation letter, I was happy, but the scholarship that they gave me made me even happier. After debating what college to attend, I decided to plan to attend Marywood because of the scholarship that they given me, the twenty-nine credits that were transferred over from Prep and the well-respected PA program at Marywood. At Prep, we had a motto “Ad Altiora Natus” which means “Born for Higher Things.” To be honest, this really meant nothing to me in the beginning of my high school career. I attended that school in order to receive a college preparatory education and to make great friends, not to fulfill its motto. After four years at that school, however, I believe that the message really impacted my college major. Marywood’s Core Values expand on “Ad…

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