Essay about My Senior Year At Kamiak High School

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“This isn’t actually happening? How could this be? What? Why?” These questions kept running around in my head as I stay up through the gloomy, cold nights. I desperately tried to disregard the darkness of the situation. It was problematic for me to focus on keeping warm in this blank, emotionless room when this situation, of roughly three months ago, had kept recapping in my mind – the intense pain shared between friends and family, endless tears, and the cramping of my hands from trying to look for answers. Answers of why did he do it? Why did it have to be her? This event had unquestionably took me to disbelief, especially since I was only a few blocks away. I was in the getting ready of starting my senior year at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo. Trying to make understand of what happened, just could not process within me. This was not supposed to happen. It is the things that you least expect that hits you the hardest. This makes me see everything in life so different, and appreciate even the little things that does not seem to matter for the most of us.
To begin with, it was a crystal clear, sunny day. I woke up around six in the morning to go on a vigorous hike to catch up with my two closest friends, Audrey and Guneet, from high school, since we all do the running start program at different community colleges. We decided to hike before we start our last final year of high school. After they came to pick me up, there were lots of laughter and more memories made. Even…

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