My Senior Portfolio Art Show Essay

1055 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
Perler beads are not very well known. They are colorful beads that are melted together to create many different objects from bowls, jewelry and portraits to keychains and phone cases. As a kid, I was given a set of perler beads with pegboards shaped like dogs, cats and fish. I never knew the range of possibilities that perler beads could be used for and how much could be made with them. For my senior portfolio art show, I needed invitations and rediscovered perler beads and now I constantly make them for fun and sometimes as gifts. I personally like to make pixelated character sprites from video games and other things. To make a pixelated character sprite out of perler beads you first need to get your tools, then you have to choose your design and make it, and lastly you have to mend it together. The first thing you need to is get your tools. You’ll need a few things, including perler beads in a variety of different colors (or simply the specific colors needed) for your design. You will also need a couple peg boards to put the beads on and make your design. An iron, wax paper and masking tape to help finish your design and mend it together. Also, you will need either a pencil or pen for later to puncture the masking tape. If desired for easier placement of the beads on the pegboard, you may want to use tweezers, but the tweezers are not required. The final tool you will need is a heavy book or two to place on top of your design as it cools so it does not warp. The second…

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