My Self Awareness And Self Concept Essay example

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The better a person develops an understanding of themselves and of the other people around them, the better they will be able to develop intimate relationships. Identity is a moving target. It changes over the course of one’s life and is constituted inter-subjectively. That is, we experience ourselves differently in different relationships. Human communications rely mostly on the perception of self and perception of others. In this paper, I will focus on self-awareness and self-concept, impression formation, impression management, and social media identity. They are all important to remember while understanding and exemplifying one 's identity. I will give personal examples on all of these strategies and aspects. These strategies remind me to constantly gain a better understanding of who I am and what I represent as a person.

My self-awareness and self-Concept
My open self-represents all the information, feelings, and behaviors about myself that others and I know. There are various ways that my self-awareness has contributed to my self-concept. I am a person who responds to things moderately and confidently no matter if I am right or wrong I take the time to think my answer through. I do things which I feel are right for me, but I take suggestions from all the people around me. For me, life is all about loving everyone and being thoughtful and caring. My open self is usually laid back and funny at times, but very serious as well. This example of self-awareness…

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