Examples Of Self Assessment Essay

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Beata Koszyk
Prof. Edris McPherson

Self Assessment Essay

My name is Beata Koszyk, better known to others as ‘B’. I have a lot of outdoor hobbies like, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and camping. I was born in Poland, but moved to the United States at an early age. After finishing high school, I went to a Cosmetology school and I got my license. Then I decided to go to a Real Estate school, where I got another license. But I still felt a void and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, so I went to NYU college for a Business degree. My enthusiasm for Nursing first took root after going through some tough times, with my mother getting sick and my friend’s father having a stroke. It was at that moment on I began to realize
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Also my spelling got better and I learned more by doing research papers. Reading more articles and books, and then writing a draft, improved my grammar and punctuations and is very effective. When I read, I check when the author places commas & quotations and how he uses punctuations to separate sentences. Most effective way of learning is when a teacher checks my work and corrects it to makes us rewrite it. At first I didn’t understand why we did that, but after I started to do drafts more often, I can tell the different from my previous essays and it all makes sense.
Some essays are more challenging than others and I like the challenge and I think it makes us a better writer. To improve writing I think it’s important to have a passion first, but by doing drafts it’s also a big help in improving anyone’s writing skills. You also need a will to learn, so your work would come out clean and perfectly structured. We all have that, you just need to want to learn and this class makes me want to know more and get better. I already see improvement in my

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