My Selection Of Sfs And Program Choice Will Support Your Academic, Personal And Career Goals

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Please explain how your selection of SFS and program choice will support your academic, personal and career goals.
When I first read the program description of SFS Costa Rica, there were a few words that really struck me: “resource rich, “wonderful biodiversity” and “rapid economic change.” All these descriptions fit very closely with the current environmental and economic conditions of Viet Nam. Moreover, the course materials that are taught in this program such as resource management, waste management, etc. are all very much applicable to Viet Nam. As a student whose final goal is to come back and work in Viet Nam, I find that this study abroad experience would help me learn and develop a more sophisticated knowledge on current environmental issues ongoing in developing countries. I can apply what I have learned from this experience into helping communities and improving environmental conditions in Vietnam.
Another reason why I chose the SFS Costa Rica program is because I wanted to have a different experience than studying in a university. While other programs such as DIS Copenhagen provides students with the opportunity to travel to Europe, I treasure much more the on hand experience of working on the field and experiencing a completely different culture.

2. Have you had experience working as a member of a close knit team? If yes, please please describe the rewards and challenges of the experience. Yes. During the past summer, I worked on a Program team of 6 members…

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