Personal Narrative: My Secure Attachment Style

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Overall my attachment style is that of the secure relationship style, but I tend to revert toward the avoidant attachment style at times. The majority of the time when meeting people I perceive them as able of loving me, and that, I, myself am capable of receiving love from that specific person. In certain scenarios when insecurity can creep in, I lean toward the avoidant attachment style by placing my value in myself and in my academic work. During these scenarios, when I allow my insecurities to momentarily triumph, I tend to believe that others are unreliable in meeting my needs, and that I must provide for myself. Fundamentally, I have a secure attachment style, because parents who always loved me, supported me, and were involved in my …show more content…
To me, God is good, loving, and reliable. I can call to God in times of need and He will be there for me to listen and hold me in the most intimate of ways that other people are not able to hold me. An example that greatly demonstrates my secure relationship style with God would be the recent death of my mother. This past summer my mother unexpectedly was rushed to the hospital, declared brain dead, and died a few days later. Throughout this short time period, I followed the advice of Proverbs 3:5-6 and fully relied and leaned on God. I spent more time with God then I could ever remember having done. Family, friends, and I prayed without ceasing for the healing of my mother and for God’s will to be done. God answered those prayers by calling my mother home to heaven and providing her with complete restoration and healing there. I will never understand why those prayers were not answered the way I would have liked them to have been, with my mom being healed on Earth and able to spend more time with me and my family, but I trust in what God allowed to happen. I trust in what God allowed to happen, because I know that He loves me and is a faithful God. This life-altering trial demonstrated my secure relationship style with God, because I turned to Him and trusted Him in such a desperate time of need, rather than suppressing my feelings and turning away from

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