Essay about My Secretary And The Dominican Republic

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Brian turned his stare to Mr. Smith and voiced his displeasure. “Maybe I didn 't make myself clear, Tim… I want Ms. Loran to accompany Mr. Johnson and me to the Dominican Republic. She can provide valuable assistance to Mr. Johnson since the main language in the country is Spanish and she is fluent in the language.” I should not be surprised to learn he was aware I spoke four languages, but somehow, I was.

With a very uncharacteristic response Mr. Smith responded, “Mr. Ross, if that is your desire, we can, without doubt, make the necessary arrangements. My secretary will coordinate travel arrangements right away.” Brian replied, “No time. We can leave right away and I will fly everybody there.”

I must admit, I had never seen Timothy Smith so intimidated by a client before. Brian Ross had a commanding presence about him and the fact he was loaded did not hurt.

Turning to Brian, I explained. “Mr. Ross, if I am to accompany you to the Dominican Republic, I have to stop by my apartment to collect clothes and personal items I will need for the trip.” “I rather leave right away, Isabel. You can get what you need there…on me.” He stated with a smile and a wink. “I still need to stop by my apartment to retrieve my passport.” I informed him.

“But of course, Isabel.” He replied with a smile. “We can stop on our way to the airport, and Isabel, please call me Brian. There is no need for formality between us.” Then he leaned closer and whispered near my ear. “I have been…

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