My Second Short Term Goals Essay examples

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Since I am currently a freshman I have the advantage of having three more years to explore the opportunities that San Diego State has to offer. Within the upcoming years I do have several goal I intend to accomplish. The first of these goals is to study abroad because I feel that it is important to truly experience another culture. My second short term goal is to be apart of the Disney internship program. Not only is this good resume material but an amazing learning experience. My third short term goal is to participate in an internship or apprenticeship with a theatre. By going and working in my intended field I feel that I can gain valuable work experience. My fourth goal is to graduate from San Diego State with at least a 3.5 GPA. As for my long-term goals, they are currently not as clear-cut as what I immediately plan to do. However as a career I hope to work as a lighting technician at a Disney park or touring with concerts. Being apart of Weber Honors College can help me achieve my goals by allowing me to pursue unique opportunities while still in school through study abroad programs, networking connections, and a higher education through honors classes. As for success, my family and I have always held the same definition. If a person can consider himself or herself successful, not with money or social status, but by their happiness with their own lives and actions then they are successful.
¬Leadership is the act of leading a group. In my experiences, being a leader…

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