Essay about My Second Service Learning Experience

1421 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
For my second service learning experience, I decided to offer my services to Open House Nursey School, located in 318 Warren Street, Brooklyn, NY. I decided to come around 9 am, so I could have enough time to spend with the children. Before all the children have lunch and nap time around 12 pm to 1pm as Eileen told me over the phone. On my way to the Nursey School, I was quite nervous about how everything is going to turn out because I never been to a preschool with so many kids in one room and thinking about if the teachers and children will like my company from a total stranger. I was a little lost on my way because I took the wrong way, but I eventually found the building, the front of the building looks so new and in good condition and the security is good too, which you have to ring the bell before you enter the building.
When I arrived at the nursery school, there I was greeted by the receptionist named Nyeasha and Eileen. They were so nice, warming, and friendly, which they made me feel so welcomed. After they greeted me the receptionist explained on what will I be doing and said I could take notes and observe the children, showed me where the bathrooms are, and what age group room did I want to attend to. I also had to fill out some papers, write who I’m here from and what school I attend at and give my ID for them to print out. I chose the room with age groups of 3 and 4, there I was greeted by two teachers their names where Patricia and Saori.
When I arrived in…

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