Essay My Second Grade Year At A Private School

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The Beginning of my fifth grade year at a private school is when I fell behind in my education of English. I blame this hinderance largely upon my teacher Mr. Arnold, a tall man in his thirties who must not have believed in deodorant, and was a religious fanatic. Every subject we had learned that year Mr. Arnold had managed to force some aspect of religion into it. I remember the frustration of having to do any subject in class due to its link back to religion. Thinking “How do these two things possibly connect to each other even Mr. Arnold 's explanation is terrible.”. Mr. Arnold’s devotion to religion as well affected his teaching ability to teach us what to do on our “home games”. “Another stupid trick Mr. Arnold thought to employ to draw students into wanting to do their homework.” For the most part these “home games” were assignments he would have never bothered to teach us in class resulting in a large amount of those assignments to be english related. These assignments marked the start of me no longer caring about english seeing as the teacher never bothered to teach it. Most of the assignments he gave us for english were ripped out of phonics books or spelling words which we were to later on alphabetize. Relying solely upon myself to learn the necessary english skills was difficult, seeing as one of the stipulations of our homework was to not ask for help from our parents. Even with my reading and comprehension skills at this time being exceptional for a fifth…

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