My Life In A Ju Camp Analysis

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I have spent my whole life in the Dobe and am a proud Ju/’hoansi. Now, in my old age, where I’m afraid death will claim me soon, I enjoy reflecting on my life as it has come to be. I lived in a Ju camp the majority of my life, mostly with the same people, although there were always people to come and go. I have experienced happiness through the majority of my life, but have also endured great loss. To tell my story, I believe I must start from the beginning,
As a child, my days were mostly filled with playing with the other children that were around my age. We played children’s games, such as pretending to be married or even sex, which was to imitate our parents. As we began to get older, the farther these games went. I was at first hesitant, but eventually saw no reason to be. The other children and I would go around and play, trading partners and simply enjoying our youth. Besides playing with the other children, I mostly helped my mother with simple tasks, such as collecting small foods and general housework. My childhood in this aspect was virtually just like everyone else’s.
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I did not want to marry him, for he was much my elder and was not in the least interesting. When it was time to marry him, I cried and yelled because I did not want to marry him at all, let alone consummate the marriage. After the marriage ceremony, Both myself and my new husband were sent to sleep in the same hut, with an older girl to sleep between us. I wept, because I knew that the girl would not always be there to separate us. The next day, like any other married couple, we were washed with mongongo oil and seeds from tsama melons and painted with red ointment. Throughout all this, I openly showed my sadness about the marriage, but no one seemed to be

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