My Second Career Choice Is Entering The Education Field As A High School Math Teacher

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My second career choice is entering the education field as a high school math teacher. In order to become a high school math teacher, the general requirements are a bachelor 's degree and a state teaching license; however, in some private schools a state license is not always required (Grill 1). Acquiring a teaching license generally consists of completing an education degree program inclusive of supervised teaching and being provided with the opportunity for student teaching experiences. In addition, they must also pass proficiency exams in mathematics and basic skills. Depending on the state or district, a master’s degree may also be necessary for the position (Grill 1). The skills needed to become a high school math teacher are communication, patience, and organization. Math teachers have to communicate the different lessons to the students in a way they will understand. It is important that they have strong communication skills and are able to be flexible with the students learning abilities. Having patience is important, especially when dealing with uninterested teenagers. Teachers have to keep calm even after repeating the same thing multiple times. The second biggest part of a career in teaching is organizing lesson plans and coming prepared for the class. In addition, teachers have to be skilled in their area of teaching. Therefore, math teachers should have a solid background in math and have a clear understanding of the problem solving process. There…

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