Essay on My School Dress Code Requirements

1172 Words Oct 14th, 2015 null Page
The first day of junior year, the day that almost everyone always dreads. One of the most dreadful things I had to do was having to restart my sleeping cycle just so I could wake up in time to make it to school and having to wear an attire that is not suitable for early mornings. Ironing my bright white dressy shirt as well as my khaki pants just to fulfill my schools dress code requirements. When I received my schedule over the summer, my friends and I all tried to get the same classes and surprisingly I could only get most of my class with my best friend Oscar. We both had extremely easy schedules besides English last period every other day. I’ve heard many stories that were associated with this teacher about how she could be boring and make people want to fall asleep. This class was one of the hardest classes that I have taken during my high school career till this point. I’ve heard that it wasn’t as much as being difficult educational wise but instead being difficult as much as putting effort and time into the class. The point in time in which I have this class I would have my unclipped tie in my pocket, dressy shirt in my book bag, with a white tee shirt on, and ready to go home to take a nap. Throughout my high school years I was always the guy who can literally sleep anywhere. Although knowing that in this class I just might fall asleep almost every time I have this class, it was nothing like that half way through this year.
There was never a moment in which that I…

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