Essay on My School District And School 's Induction Process

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Comparison of my School District and School 's Induction Process to the Process of Textbook
My task is to compare my school district and school 's induction process to the process outlined in our textbook. Also, describe the changes I would make to my district 's induction program. Lastly, as a school leader or district leader, describe how I would implement an effective mentoring process. Mentors have been described as educational leaders and change agents, particularly those mentors involved in programmes connected to the NTC (Gless, 2006; Hanson, 2010; Lieberman et al. , 2012).
Induction is the process designed to acquaint newly employed individuals with the community, the school district and their colleagues. An effective induction program must have well-defined objectives that reflect the needs of new employees and the specific philosophy of the school system. The textbook objectives for induction are: 1. To make the employee feel welcome and secure 2. To help the employee become a member of the "team" 3. To inspire the employee toward excellence in performance 4. To help the employee adjust to the work environment 5. To provide information about the community, school system, school building, faculty and students. 6. To acquaint the individual with other employees with whom he or she will be associated 7. To facilitate the opening of school each year My school…

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