My Role Of A Project Manager

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To drive any project to its successful completion, the role of project manager is very crucial. I worked in the telecom industry for quite a long time and delivered multiple projects. Based on my real life experience of working with the project manager, I will discuss both the skill sets and the areas of the improvement required of a project manager.
From the inception of a project to its successful fulfilment, the involvement of project manager is very vital. A project manager bridges the gap between the client and the project team. In the words of Gido and Clements, the skill set required of a project manager to win the client 's trust and drive the project team are the leadership ability, communication skills, negotiating skills, time management
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How well and how frequently you communicate with the team members, sponsors or other third parties defines how well the governance you have over the project. My project manager used to handle the communication part quite effectively and one of the key things he used to do was to make the optimum use of the technology. Since I was working on the projects with people from different cultures spread across different locations, the project manager used to conduct the video conferencing apart from face to face. We also had the daily meetings in the presence of the project manager where we used to discuss the ongoing progress and the issues for the assigned …show more content…
For instance, in leadership qualities understanding the goal is one thing and how to implement it is totally different. How you calculate the work estimates and whom you involve during the implementation stage can make a big difference in the functioning of a project. While performing the efforts estimation and the work breakdown structure, it is very important to involve the project team. But the project manager seldom used to involve the project team leading to the unpleasant situations. The team usually used to ask for more billing hours than what is actually cited in the agreed document due to wrong efforts estimation made for certain activities by the project

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