My Role Model

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Life is often uncertain and unexpected. As an avid reader, there is an enormous amount of knowledge to be gained from books. Sometimes, having a person to look up to and admire is not easily done in a book. Identifying a positive role model is often done by example. Having personal accountability is needed to reach goals in life. That combined with improving the leadership skills and your critical thinking skills, sets up a path of success.
When looking for a person to look up to and be a mentor, you should look for values that you find important and beliefs that are similar to yours. When deciding upon my role model, I also thought of traits I admire. My role model must provide inspiration that fosters success. Traits that are common among
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I also have several other strengths that will aid in having a successful life. I am resourceful, my stress levels are low, I am a quick learner, I communicate well, and I am very adaptable. According to an assessment in our course text, (Moody and Sherfield, 2011, pp. 174-175), my personality type is INFP- introvert, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. As an introvert I am able to think through a decision. Being intuitive, I can think outside the box for a solution. Because of feelings I am extremely open-minded. Finally, the perceiving part of my personality allows me to handle change very …show more content…
Critical thinking is important because it helps with problem solving. Being able to think critically will help find solutions and make logical decisions when a problem occurs. Leadership skills are essential because they provide the skills necessary to achieve or goal. Similar to how a business manager is the leader for the employees I am the leader of my own life. I must have vision, be able to communicate my wants and needs, adapt to change if needed, and open to new ideas. The characteristics listed for effective leadership are also characteristics that can be used in personal and professional success. There are many key elements of success. For me to reach the goals for the life I want, having an example of what is possible was necessary. Margaret Thatcher provided the example of a successful career woman with a family that I can call my role model. Being able to look up to her along with being aware of my own strengths allows me to use those in setting goals. Being accountable to myself for achieving those goals, using critical thinking skills, and practicing leadership will help me to reach my full

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