My Role Model In Life

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A role model should be someone in your life that can influence you in a positive way and lead you down the right path. They are someone that you can go to for any advice. A true role models will never judge you by your past. They also should be sincere and not doing it for their own good but the good for others. A role model that is older than you is typically better because of their experiences. In my life so many people have influenced me but there are only three people that really stood out. Those three people are who I call my brother Anthony, Andrew, and Stevie. Anthony was the one who guided me down the right path, Andrew taught me the game of basketball, and Stevie supported me in every way possible. They have made remarkable impacts …show more content…
I first met Stevie at a gym, a tall athlete that barely talked. I always thought he was unapproachable and didn’t seem to like me. I judged him poorly by his appearance. Stevie was actually the one who came to me after playing basketball and surprisingly we talked for hours that night at the gym. He was a genuine person and kept everything upfront with me. He also offered me a free training session with him. He became my workout partner, helped me workout in the weight room and on the basketball court. Besides just being a workout partner he became really close to me because he would have answers to anything I needed. There was a time in my life I nearly gone homeless and Stevie was there to save me. He offered me a place to stay but on top of that he gave me a job. I worked under his Dad for about a year until I was back on my feet. Till this day I really don’t know what I would’ve done without Stevie by my side. He also helped me with my first job interview, we used to stay up every night going over the questions. I really look up to him for school because every time I needed help with homework he gave his time to me. One day I will graduate college like Stevie did and make my family

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