My Role Model And My Best Friend Essay

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My brother was my role model and my best friend. When we were little we would play catch in the back yard, till he hit me with the ball. I loved to spend time with him. As I got older he would drive me to school, and we would listen to rap music. I never really liked rap music, but I pretended because I knew he liked it. Listening to the music with him was a way to have something in common. My brother was funny and a really bright student in school. Having a brother gave me someone who I could go wrestle with, and he made me tougher. I always wanted to be a great athlete like him, and make him proud.

I was a second grader when the drug phase started. At that time I didn’t know it was drugs. All I knew was my brother was not my brother anymore. Somedays he would come home and want to play with me; other days he would come home screaming and yelling at everyone for no reason. I never knew why he was so angry all the time I just knew I needed to stay out of his way. I always wondered why I couldn’t play with my big brother anymore. I thought it was my fault he was angry; I thought I annoyed him and he hated me. My brother was so smart and I needed help on my math homework one night, so I asked him. I gave him my math book and pointed the problem out. He got mad when he didn’t understand it; he threw the math book at the wall and yelled at me. I was so scared I ran upstairs and cried. My parents didn’t know what to do about his mood swings. Justin was not a bad kid or…

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