My Role In My Family

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When you ask me what is my role in my family, I am lost in thought. I was born in an ordinary family. My mother is a quality supervisor and my father is a director of a foreign company. My role I think is the protector of my parent’s relationship, because I protect the complete family intentionally or unintentionally. By the way, my elder female cousin’s father divorce with her mother because of the endless quarrels when she was in the primary and she is fallen for a few years. I never thought that the same thing will happen on me one day.
In my family, I am the person who maintains the relationship between my parents, which means that they decided to divorce at first, but they gave it up because of me in the end. When I was young, I was proud
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I had to live alone and this was a good opportunity to talk with my mom about the family problem, but my mother left without telling me where she went, so I could not find her directly and I also did not want to ask anyone. I thought an intelligent way to know where she lived was that I pretended that I could not move my foot because I had suffered from this disease when I was a freshman in the middle school and the only way to treat was lying on the bed for a few days. Then I made a phone call to my mom and she came in a hurry, drove me to see the doctor and took me to her house. When I came to her room, it was not big and she lived with a teddy. She told me that the space was enough and she always wants to raise a pet dog. I succeeded to know where she lived and stayed with her for three days. In these three days, I try to mention the separation, but she still avoided talking anything about it. At last, I just knew that she wanted to live alone to enjoy her life without taking care of family when I left. I understood her heavy work such as cooking the supper after work and doing the housework every

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