Twin And A Friend Character Analysis

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In the complex life I live, I seem to play many roles: a daughter, twin and a friend. Being a daughter is the best gift that anyone could’ve ever given me. I’m saying this because I’m not only the daughter of my dad, but I’m also the daughter of God. Knowing that from both of them, I have unconditional love is a blessing sent from heaven. Remembering that no matter what, I’ll always have what I need because my dad has worked his whole life to make sure that my sister and I are content. He’s showed me that in any circumstances he’s never going to leave me with something I can’t handle on my own. He’s disciplined me when I needed it, cared for me when I wanted it, and most importantly has always loved me wholeheartedly. I couldn’t ask for a better supporter and worst critic. My Heavenly Father is the exact same way. When I’m feeling weak, He gives me strength. When I don’t assume that I can do something, He gives me the perseverance of completing the task. And when I feel that it’s almost time to just quit everything; He reminds me of how loved I am by countless people.
Coming from a middle class family, I realize how hard my parents work to make our lives just a little easier. My parents have taught me many life lessons that I will take with me throughout adulthood. Like you have to work for what you want and if you want it more than anything,
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The people that I spend every day with are important to me and I hope I express that enough to them. It’s always good to have a friend and to me being one is especially meaningful. I hate seeing my friends hurting. If I can do anything to help someone, I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m a giving person and when I see someone in need, I can’t help but give them what they want. Being a friend means being honest, not only with your friend, but also with yourself. I love having fun and experiencing new things but doing it with my friends and family just makes it even more

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