My Role In Childhood And Special Education

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As a future educator, I have an obligation to cultivate interdependent relationships between my students and me. The students’ values, cultures and stories should be an emphasized component in this relationship. I am excited about the opportunity to participate in the English Teaching Assistant Program Spain, as it will allow me to develop ways to foster a greater capacity to connect with the students of my classroom with a Hispanic background. Rockefeller was a supporter of this principle saying, “in order to appreciate cultures of another nation, one needs to go there, know the people and mingle with the culture of that country”. I believe going to the origin of the language and culture will better allow me to master the necessary language skills that in turn will benefit these students as well as my future students. My major in Psychology with Dual Certification in Childhood and Special Education has provided me access to work with a diverse population of students in the New York State district of Poughkeepsie. The fieldwork has given me opportunities to build and implement differentiated lessons to help all students learn. For my English class in Spain, I have several ideas that flow from my philosophy of encouraging autonomy and …show more content…
I will run a buddy program that will grow student leaders. Students of the school will be paired with younger students and serve as mentors to their development. The students in my classroom will be required to share and teach some of the material and topics covered in class to their buddies. When my time is not being devoted to the school, I plan on working with the Samaritans in Spain, as I have been able to contact the foundation. The program’s goal is to provide people with an opportunity to talk to a stranger in confidence in an attempt to allow them to see more clearly. I aspire to be a volunteer who actively listens to those in need of

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