My Role As A Teacher Essay

760 Words Nov 12th, 2015 4 Pages
The world revolves around education, and without it we as people would not be as successful as we are. I would like to be a teacher because I want to help children learn and make a difference in their lives. I believe that children are our future and that each one is different and special in their own way. I would love to have a part of each child future success as I play my role in educating, guiding and providing endless amount of information for them. As an educator I want to help each child see their true potential, and help them reach for the stars, as I encourage them to be great. I want to be able to influence the next generation by sharing my knowledge, and helping them develop their voice and place in society. I want to make sure that I provide them with all the skills to gain knowledge on their own, so that when they leave my classroom I know that they are prepared for whatever comes their way. I believe I have a lot to offer, and that the kids have something to offer to me in return. I know that as a teacher I am given specific curriculum by the state to teach the students for completion of my class. To make this easier for them I will bring in different teaching methods. I plan to expose my students to a lot of resources and tools needed to conquer the school year and the years to come. The class will be filled with so many different personalities so it must be a place where they all can adapt quickly. I want to give my students opportunities to do things…

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