My Role As A Teacher Essay

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My role as a teacher is very large. It is true that I have to share knowledge with students, but not only. It appears that sometimes as a teacher, I have to advise them. I also have to behave as a friend to not frustrate them when they don’t understand something. I have to be close to them in order to follow their progression.

It is interesting to set my professional and personal boundaries. Why is it important to do this? First of all, it reminds me what is my role, and also what are the limits of this role. I have duties and limitations that I have to respect.

I work closely with students, colleagues, institutions and other professional role. I need to have a professional behaviour toward them.

When I am not able to answer the needs
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Together we try to find the appropriate solution.

One day, one of my student came to school with injuries on his face, after a discussion with the student I decided to call a local authority.

I have to face learners ' problems which are not directly related to the class but which need to be dealt with in order to help the learner for his future life. Every problem can affect learner 's attitude in class.

I also report addiction, such as drug or alcohol. I find very important to know all the institutions, local authority services which could help learners find their place in the society.

I have to respect students 'confidentiality. This is why I am very professional when I disclose any personal information. I cannot share students’ individual problems in front of the class. If I want to talk about any matters I need to see the student individually.

All relationships with learners need to stay professional. I should not be too friendly or too intimate with students. All information concerning students ' address, phone numbers have to be used in a restrict situation. Correspondence with students has to be kept within my job
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Students need to have access to support and help to encourage them in their learning. I have to know most of the support available for them and be able to explain how to access them.

This support and help are there for them to give them the opportunity of success. We are going to list some points of referral and see how they meet the needs of learners.

During my teaching practices if I am aware that one of my students has financial problems, I always refer the learner to the student finance department. Student finance is designed to help those who face financial hardship. They will propose payments which can be used to meet the cost of things like essential course equipment, materials, field trips and travel.

For students with personal problems, I advise them to be in contact with the student counselling services. The counsellor and the student will talk and determine an acceptable plan for the problem. Student counselling services are very useful for learners. They can be in contact with the counsellor for any personal problem or crisis. Many useful contact numbers and addresses are available in their offices. They also have a crisis assistance for urgent

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