My Role As A Student And Volunteer Essay

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Reflection Paper Throughout my role as a student and volunteer I learned that community uplift is the most important goal of African American studies. Civic engagement in a community is necessary for the growth of the inhabitants and their well-being. Foremost, my experience in volunteering for my community encouraged me to view specific social issues differently. These social issues include, the importance of positive role models, an abundance of academic/ personal resources, and the effects of structural racism. My community service experience, includes mentoring/ tutoring school aged youth (ages 6-18) in the Boys and Girls Club program and organizing/ shelving books in the biographies section of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library. For both positions, I effectively made a difference in my community through supporting education among youth and adults.
Secondly, as a volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club, I witnessed the high demand for educational resources and positive role models for youth, these two necessities characterize the quality of a community. Without enough positive roles models within an African American community, this increases the likelihood of crime and poverty among youth according to Introduction to African American Studies: Transdisciplinary Approaches and Implications, a text by Talmadge Anderson and James Stewart (Anderson and Stewart, 160-164). Additionally, the lack of academic resources includes having enough tutors for assisting students with…

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