Essay on My Role As A Nurse Manager

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In the first six months beginning the role as a nurse manager, an assessment of the workplace including the role of the union is important. Knowledge of past relationships between managers, and staff, particularly union workers, are key elements to consider. A nurse manager must learn to create a unified environment. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how I will develop my role as a nurse manager in the first six months using the following tools: observation, changes on the nursing unit, staff motivation, scheduling, ethics and mentoring. In addition, the nurse manager’s understanding and adhering to union clauses or contracts will prevent unintentional violations. The role of a nurse manager requires strategic thinking. For instances, as a nurse manager, it is necessary to observe how the unit functions before implementing any change. This assessment will provide insight about teamwork, staff strengths and weaknesses, and how patients receive care. Other interventions will include introducing myself to staff and getting to know the workers. These activities can also provide insight on how staffs view me as a manager. Monitoring the unit will allow me to view the need for change in order to develop a strategic plan as a nurse manager. Without assessing the unit, implementing a change could result in a negative reaction. Therefore, to increase success, direct observation and information exchange between key stakeholders such as staff, union, manager, and…

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