Essay on My Role As A Leader And Coordinator

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This essay will explore my role as a shift leader and coordinator in a forensic care setting during a shift at my last placement. It will evaluate actions taken during this span of duty, lesson learnt and my learning needs. Nurses now work in management and leadership roles in addition to their clinical roles to meet academic, economic and management challenges (Grossman & Valiga, 2012; Mannix et al., 2013). The role of a nurse in this modern day expands more than the usual clinical roles because nurses now take up management and leadership positions. In view of this, they are to have leadership and management skills to function well in these roles. Student nurses also need to gain leadership and management skill during their training to equip them with the knowledge and skill of how to manage a service and lead a shift successively (Nurses and Midwifery Council, 2015).
My leadership and management role during a shift.
Student nurses on placement are expected to work with a qualified nurse or their mentor whiles on duty. During this shift, my mentor was there to guide my decisions and actions. The NMC (2015) code of conduct expect all nurses to be responsible for their actions this includes both qualified nurses and student nurses. According to Oishi and Murtagh (2014), collaborative working occurs when professionals work together to meet a common goal such as promoting the safety of service users. According to Smith (2015), collaborative working promotes shared…

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