My Role And The Importance Of A Middle Level School Teacher

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When it comes to the role and the importance of a middle level school teacher, I see more than just the role that a teacher in elementary, early childhood, or even high school would have to deal with. In this age group, due to their unique and diverse rates of growth and development, academics should not be the only focus of the classroom. It is this reason why I feel as though the middle level teacher’s role is to work on developing critical thinking on a level outside of academics and create a level of wonder and exploration within each student. It is important to start working on critical thinking at this age because adolescents and young adolescents are becoming exposed to different factors at this time. This time frame is where most students start to become more aware of their environment and also their own selves and in turn become highly influenced by all factors that surround their daily lives.

As a teacher I feel to be developmentally responsive is to be understanding the age group in which the decisions are made for and put into account all of the factors that comes with that age group. This can be done by realizing that young adolescence are going through a lot of changes not only physically but socially as well and making material that is appropriate to those factors. This also goes along with
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Education is not always the most important in a household, but my role is to build that importance of education in the student to bring back home. Showing the student that myself, as a teacher, cares and appreciates the student’s hard work encourages them to try and achieve higher than they had before. Not every student will get all A’s and not all families that are behind that child will care about what is going on at the school, however, it is my job to make what that child proud of whatever they have done and accomplished- if they actually

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