Reflective Essay: What I Learned In My English Class

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There is nothing like the motivation I feel when I get my essay back and it is precise and well-written with a good grade. All the effort and hard-work put into a paper is so rewarding. The rewards are experience with writing and the motivation is to keep getting better. Writing is not one of my best subjects but I strive to do better. What drives me to become a better writer and reader is doing well in my English class because I want to be confident when I write, understand when I read, and learn all that I can about reading and writing.
When I turn in an essay, I want to be confident. I want my readers to be interested in what I am trying to say. I will have to prepare, revise, and practice. Preparing is one of the first steps to writing
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I want to use these skills to advance to the first Composition class, use what I learn for my major, and use what I learn for my future career. I feel like this class is preparing me very successfully for Composition one. When I was still in high-school, I used to think that English was one of my best subjects but there was many more things that I needed to learn. I enjoyed going to English class very much because English is my first language and I was good at spelling. For my major, I want to go into the medical field. When I was going to school for medical assisting at Tulsa Technology Center, I would have to write papers for when we did laboratory experiments. Even though I am going for a medical degree, I still have to write essays. I hope in my future classes when I have writing assignments, I write my essays successfully. Writing and reading is everywhere, I hope to use my knowledge for my work career. One time, I had to write a paper for a special occasion for work and I felt like it was complex and messy because I have a habit of writing off topic and in a different direction. I now know how to make my writing more simple and understandable. Reading and writing are subjects I want to learn all

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