Essay about My Resume : Employability Skills

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Communication is a part of everything in my life. I use it at school, to complete my classwork and to socialise with my friends. I use both formal and informal language every day. I use formal language when I address my teachers and boss, whereas when I speak to my friends and family I use informal language. Social media is a major part of communication, especially to people that I need to talk to oversees or interstate. Technology for my emails, texting and phone calls makes all of this communication possible. I also use written communication for school mainly, and I love to read novels. As well as this I learn another language, Japanese. This second language allows me to communicate my thoughts, opinions and ideas even further and to a wider audience. Learning Japanese also gives me the ability to travel and study overseas which I may consider doing in the future.
I demonstrate teamwork is various aspects of my life but, I especially use it in my sport, All-star Cheerleading. Cheer is a sport that is based on teamwork, everyone has to move in time to keep the routine together, in-time and safe. As this sport is extremely dangerous, involving stunting, tumbling and jumps it is crucial to be a team unit and when we are training we have to be focused one-hundred percent. In this sport, it takes six months to compile a routine that we only perform for 2.5 minutes. As a team we have to be dedicated and focused…

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