Essay about My Residency At Cesar Chavez

1124 Words Feb 6th, 2016 null Page
The observations I’ve made while doing my residency at Cesar Chavez Leadership Academy have been quite fascinating. Although, I’ve only been at Cesar Chavez for a few months, I was informed that 8 years ago this school was a failing school and the government toke over. The school was not stable; most teachers would leave after a year or two. Cesar Chavez did not offer any physical activity programs that would help students’, nor did they offer any program that would help students achieve their goals. This school has come a long way, luckily Ivette Rodriguez; the principal now, stepped in and made some major changes.
One major change that I consider a strength is that Cesar Chavez became a Leader In Me School. Cesar Chaves incorporates the seven habits on a daily basis. The seven habits are practiced each day and are encouraged among the students. In addition to incorporating the seven habits, Cesar Chavez also became a Kagan school. “Kagan structures increases academic achievement, improves ethnic relations, enhances self-esteem, creates a more harmonious classroom climate, reduces discipline problems, and develops students ' social skills and character virtues” (Kagan Online, 2016). While using Kagan strategies, teachers incorporate physical activates to their lesson plans. When implementing the seven habits, the last habit is “Sharpen the saw”, means you take care of your body, exercise, and get enough sleep. This is beneficial because the students are encouraged to…

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