Essay on My Research Philosophy, My Philosophy

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When I began to ponder on my research philosophy, my mind went back to 1974. Yes! 1974. I believe this was the genesis of my research philosophy. Here is the story: During the summer of 1974 while interviewing for a summer job I was asked, “Do you think you can change the world?” To this day, I am not sure what I said or did that prompted that question, but my response was, I will do my part. Just like yesterday, I remember the passion that fueled that response. Of course at age 14, I wasn’t thinking about research and definitely not my philosophy about it, but the foundation was laid, I wanted to be instrumental in fostering social change. In reflecting on this story, I am reminded of a quote by Anne Frank, “ How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
All these years later, the desire to do my part, to make a difference in the world has been a constant as I have journeyed through life and specifically now as an academic qualitative researcher in the field of education. Academic research is a tool by which I can employ to do my part. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on my philosophy of research. I am sure this will change as I evolve from a novice to one day an expert researcher, but for now, I will focus on validity, trustworthiness, and ethics. All of these characteristics are interdependent pillars that produce sound research. Metaphorically, they are the foundation that supports the…

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