My Report On The Red Blood / Super Moon / Solar Eclipse That Took Place Last Night

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As the 1st of October nears, September is ending on a bright note, literally. Due to the rarity of the situation, I think it was only appropriate that I chose to write my report over the red blood/super moon/solar eclipse that took place last night. My paper will discuss that the three most basic questions I had about the unique moon, how I found the answers, and my overall final thoughts. Although it is a rare occurrence, that is not the only main reason for why I chose this APOD. After reading chapter 3 from the Horizon’s textbook, I thought the section covering moon cycles was the most intriguing. However, as helpful as the textbook is, it doesn’t talk specifically about this particular moon we were about to witness. So with my APOD chosen, my research began.
Initially, I didn’t really know that much about the significance of this moon aside from it being called the Harvest Moon. After brushing up on the topic, it turned out to be kind of a big deal.. According to Nasa’s APOD page, “Total eclipses of supermoons are relatively rare -- the last supermoon lunar eclipse was in 1982, and the next will be in 2033.” (Nasa) What I took from that is, in a nutshell, the moon would be a combination of a supermoon, a total lunar eclipse, AND it would be red. Now that I knew the basic knowledge of the astronomical event that was soon taking place, I still needed some more details. At that point, I was stumped. Where do I even start my research. I needed to know specific…

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