My Relationship With My Father Essay

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For a while, I have noticed that my relationship with my father is not the strongest. We are close in that I see him often, but we both do not have very strong communication skills. I believe our lack of communication negatively affects our relationship. I will first evaluate my relationship with my father for the positive elements of communication, equality and openness. Then, I will look for ways that I can resolve the issues I find in the communication on my end.
My father holds to the belief that the parent is always right, no matter what. My Father and I have had many disagreements. His favorite things to say in our conflicts is that I can not tell him anything because he has been my age and has lived longer therefore he is right and knows what is best. I love challenge this belief of my father’s. I can do this now because I am older and I will not experience any major repercussions for standing my ground like I would have when I was younger. This belief held by my father affects the equality that should be present in our communication. His thinking that he is older and wiser and therefore cannot be told anything by his young daughter is misconstrued. I have tried telling him that although he has been my age and he does have a lot of experience, I have different ones. He has never been a twenty-year old girl at a four-year college living with a disabled family member. Just as I have never been a fifty-year old man, who is married with kids and have had to bury five of…

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