Essay on My Relationship With My Brother

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This portion of the analysis will take the concepts and topics highlighted in the previous section to a deeper understanding. This section will incorporate the terms discussed while applying them to my relationship with my brother. As my brother and I have lived and been together for 14 years of our lives you could imagine there has been a ton of conflict between him and me. Our conflict usually happens due to one of us purposely annoying each other, disagreements, or video games are being played. To resolve our conflicts, we use methods that McCornack (2013) found useful in resolving conflict. Those methods are: competition, reactivity, and collaboration, they are all important because they are used in different situations. Competition is the most common method between us because we like to fight and both of us love to win. We both are super competitive and this is why this is our go to because no matter what we find about in the end we will always love each other. An example of this is is when we are playing video games. When we play we talk freely and without regard to each other. We also will attack each other for no reason. After someone wins, they will showboat in the other persons face just to anger the other person. So competition method is used just a normal situation that escalates fast and doesn’t last long, but might translate into a different method or it might end right there. That method is reactivity; an example of this is is when we are arguing about who…

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