Essay about My Relationship With A Distance Relationship

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The greatest relationship are the ones you never expected to be in. Do not worry this is not another cheesy essay that would probably try to convince you to believe in love. Everything started when I met my boyfriend in high school. To be honest, I was not looking to be in a relationship, but luckily cupid pierced my heart with his arrow. Our relationship was going smooth. It was until life threw us a curve ball. I was notified by my mom that I had to leave the country. This news really hit us because we had been only dating for a few months, and we did not feel ready to start a distance relationship. We gathered enough courage, and we decided to continue our relationship by thousands of kilometers apart from each other. Nowadays, I have been in a long distance relationship for six years, and I have noticed how different is a long- distance relationship from a non -long- distance relationship.
Being in a long -distance relationship can highly teach you unbeatable communication skills. When you are a thousand of kilometers away from your love, just words are the only tools that can maintain the flame of love alive. Nowadays, being in contact with your loved ones is easier than before. We can call, text, and video call them; however, sometimes texts can be misleading by both parties. Once I got a text from my partner, I totally misunderstood the message, and I got so mad at him for three days in a row. I ended up calling him and asking him for an explanation. This example…

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