My Reflections On Learning And Learning Essay

706 Words Nov 15th, 2015 3 Pages
Apart of being a leader involves new experiences, “If you just keep bringing in a new agenda every two or three years, you will be mediocre, period” (p.203). In order to lead you have to have experience and drive. Experience is what allows us to change and grow. Without changes people would not be able to transform into leaders. Being a leader requires one to embrace change. As educators we should be able to implement this mindset and share it with our students, “My reflections on learning Spanish and journey that led me to the town of Nicoya made me think of three key principles about facilitating change. I believe these principles may be useful for leaders as we tackle the challenges of improving mathematics teaching and learning” (p.204). Students have to be committed, mindful, and supported when learning a new subject. Just as the story followed, without taking a leap the narrator would not have been able to acquire such experience. Teachers who follow those three principles have all of the potential to be very successful, “Leaders need to provide time for people to work together to identify issues and to generate a pathway to move through those issues toward a shared vision” (p.205). Teachers are successful when students are able to learn or do things they did not think they could. They have to be willing to create a new pathway, which is taking risks. This understanding translates to many areas of life. In order to achieve this teachers…

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