Essay on My Reflection On The Five Cent Cigar

725 Words Dec 18th, 2015 3 Pages

For this project, my audience was the readers of the Five Cent Cigar, so basically I was writing to the students and staff here at URI. When beginning this project, I thought very carefully about who to interview because I wanted to pick someone who would be interesting and meaningful for the readers to learn about. I chose to interview Luis Gonzalez since he is a member of the Student Senate, which I think is an organization not a lot of people here on campus know about, but I think it is important they do know about. This goes along with learning outcome 2c, since I was able to understand my audience and explain why I wrote the way I did for the context and appropriate rhetorical situation. I wanted to use Luis as an example for the readers as to why they should be involved on campus and how rewarding it is. When revising this piece, I looked at the notes and feedback I got from my peers and from you, Ms. Daly. My peers really liked my piece and thought I choose a good person to write about, which I was pleased with. I was also very proud of this piece and thought I did a good job writing it and meeting the standards of the rhetorical situation which is why I wanted to include it in this portfolio. I think I did a job in meeting the learning outcome 1a, since I knew I had to write a certain way that met the rhetorical situation. I didn’t include any first person or personal thoughts in this piece since I was focusing on Luis. Also, I included an…

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