My Reflection On Teaching Young Students Essay

1067 Words Apr 30th, 2016 null Page
Teaching young students is a responsibility that is of paramount importance. It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly and heed with reverence. I recognize that I walk into every situation with preconceived notions based on my background and that everyone else does the same thing. By demonstrating acceptance, respect, and a continuing education of other peoples’ backgrounds and lives, I hope my students will model their attitudes after my own.
I believe that each student who walks into my classroom is a unique individual coming from a unique situation and background. I believe that their experience will differ from other students’ experiences based on their home life and personal beliefs and traits. Each student needs to be met exactly where they are in life in terms of education. I plan to take into account each students situation and background so that I can tailor lessons for them. While, I want to make school exciting for students, I realize that not every student comes to school every day, ready to learn. I will set my standards high, but at a level where students can succeed. If they are constantly failing it will have a negative impact on their self-efficacy and result in them feeling like they are failures. The French psychologist, Bourdieu describes how when a student reaches Type IV of Alston’s four types of students they can give up completely because they believe that schools are the way they should be, so they think that they are the failures. As a…

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